About Moses Avalon

Moses Avalon is one of the top music business experts in the country. Having spent over 30 years in the business, he has seen the ups and downs and has focused his efforts on helping artists protect their rights. His artist rights advocacy endeavors have helped thousands of artists directly in addition to the 14,000+ who subscribe to his monthly newsletter where he profiles the numerous opportunities and pitfalls in the industry. As an author, his top selling music industry references, Million Dollar Mistakes and Confessions of a Record Producer continue to be required reading in over 50 music business courses around the world including the music business programs at such prestigious colleges and universities as UCLA, Loyola, and NYU. His latest book 100 Answers to 50 Questions on the Music Business is a tell-all guide to help recording artists at each stage of their music career. In addition, he is also a court-recognized music business expert in New York, California, Florida and Puerto Rico, has acted in an advisory capacity to multiple State Attorney General Offices and the Senate Judiciary Committee in Sacramento regarding the music industry, and has appeared on numerous television news shows (Court TVMSNBCCNN Money Line, & Bill O’Reilly 1  2) seeking the inside info on the music business. His website, www.MosesAvalon.com, contains a wealth of information, resources, and tools for artists. His blog, Moses Supposes, which deals with controversial issues in the music industry, reaches over 13,000 direct subscribers and approximately 100,000 readers though syndication. You can reach him by clicking here or connect with him on Twitter and Facebook.


About The Moses Avalon Company:

Mission Statement

To help create a safer, more ergonomic music business where artists, labels and music service providers can work together so that the worlds most powerful art-form can grow and prosper.

In September 2000, Moses Avalon formed a corporation to accommodate his many readers’ requests for assistance with their careers. Since then the reputation of the Company and its client base have grown exponentially, now attracting those working in high-profile areas of the music business.

A watershed day for the Company came in 2001 when the Senate Judiciary Sub-Committee on Record Industry Accounting Practices requested Mr. Avalon’s counsel and has included his commentary in its published report. Other consultation clients have included multi-platinum artists (and/or parties contracting business with these artists). Client List

Today services of The Moses Avalon Company are utilized by over 200 artists, musical directors, songwriters, lawyers, producers, managers and labels. The company also performs many non-profit  artist rights advocacy efforts. These are financed by donations and by a contribution of 10% of all income earned from consulting on such matters as; contract analysis for music production, label, publishing and management deals; dispute resolution; expert-witness testimony, referrals, plus a host of other music business-related services.

In June 2002 Moses Avalon debuted the Confessions of a Record Producer Workshops in Los Angeles. This very popular Workshop was recognized by the California State Bar (as well as several other State Bar Associations) and currently awards 13.5 Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits to attending attorneys as well 4 Ethics Credits. The Workshop in whole or part has been delivered in such places as NYU Law School, Harvard Law, UCLA Extension and other international locations. Because of its outstanding popularity, and in an effort to make it accessible to a wider audience, the Confessions Workshop was converted into a ground-breaking online course encompassing over 18 hours of video and tons of excellent tools and examples to help musicians, managers, producers and attorneys everywhere take advantage of this excellent resource. It is the first and to date, the only ongoing online music business workshop to offer CLE credits to practicing attorneys. You can check it by clicking here. 

In the coming years The Moses Avalon Company intends to significantly expand its efforts in music business education and continue to fight for the rights of music creators across the globe.