Pro Introduction Services

Dear Music Industry Professional,The Moses Avalon Company receives hundreds of queries a year from artists and songwriters in need of introductions to producers, managers and attorneys. In order to connect these hopefuls with professionals like yourself, The Moses Avalon Company has created two programs: The Attorney Affiliate Program and The Producer Affiliate Program .Since 2003 we have referred over $1,000,000 in billable hours and production budgets to various producers and attorneys through these programs– and we never took a referral fee!There are two types of applicants for this program, General Applicants and Preferred Applicants. (See below.)

I hope you are excited about joining this program and gaining access to 1000s of potential, pre-qualified clients.

Feel free to write back with questions about the Affiliate Programs, but please keep them brief. We receive many requests every day. The “fast-reads” will get more individual attention than the more lengthy ones.

If you have no other questions then proceed on to the submission form below and enter a world where the work comes to you.

Warm regards,

Moses Avalon

General Applicants

General Applicants are mostly songwriters and artists seeking lawyers, managers or producers. The General Applicant pays a listing fee of $15.00 for placement in this program.

For this fee, the General Applicant gets to write a short description of his or her needs and budget. No application is accepted unless the applicant has a budget with which to work . Join this program for free if you want access to these referrals.


Preferred Applicants and Screened Introductions

The Preferred Applicant is an artist, songwriter, producer or manager with whom a preliminary consultation has been performed by The Moses Avalon Company. He or she has been prepped regarding what to expect in terms of your fees.

The Preferred Applicant’s form is e-mailed to our Affiliate Producers, Managers and Lawyers–basically, you. If you respond to the Applicant’s project, then you will be connected to the Applicant directly, via phone numbers and/or e-mail. No referral fees are applied. Join this program and pay a one- time $55 fee if you want acces to these Preferred Applicants’ referrals as well as the General Applicants.