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Independent unbiased analysis of any recording contract

Application: Independent, unbiased analysis of any recording contract.

This service renders a written report that calculates the penny-rates, analyzes the 76 key points in your client’s exclusive major label recording contract and compares the deal to others (often on the same label). This provides a huge tactical advantage for sole practitioners or small firms.

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For when two or more creative entities want or need to form a partnership.

Application: For two or more creative entities who want or need to form a partnership.

When an entire musical group or production team is your client, conflicts of interest may arise. To alleviate pressure on the attorney, a neutral Company representative meets independently with all members of the forming entity. The splits and shares of copyrights and other intellectual properties are resolved. The attorney remains conflict-free and drafts the partnership agreement.

This service is free to attorneys. Your client pays a low consultation fee of $300.

NOTE: The need for this service stems from the myriad lawsuits initiated due to a single attorney’s representation of all parties in a forming partnership. In several high-profile cases the attorney was held libel for damages to one member, despite the client’s signing of waivers of conflict. (see: Marilyn Manson)

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When two or more parties are in dispute.

Disputes are often colorful in our industry. Fact: most of them are not worth taking to court and–even if they were–most judges or juries are not educated in music business acumen. The result: both sides feel they cannot get a reasonable audience. The Moses Avalon Company will mediate any dispute for a fee that is commensurate with the claim, rather than a fixed rate. We are court-recognized music industry experts in California and Florida.

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We are court-recognized music-industry experts in California and Florida.

When alternative Dispute Resolution is no longer an option and a lawsuit is the way to go, you will need an expert who really knows both the industry and the law. Use of our reports and testimonies at the deposition stage of a suit has expedited numerous settlements.

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Thorough evaluation of any business plan.

Complete plan evaluation with a written report and face-to-face meetings with investors and/or business partners where we will answer tough questions regarding the music business.

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Trim the bottom line from your business.

How many independent labels were created and subsequently folded within the last year alone? Answer: over 750. Most could have avoided squandering their next round of financing if they had taken the time to consult with someone to trim the fat off their bottom line. The Moses Avalon Company has been very helpful in such cases. Complete budget analysis for management transition and turn- around services are available to mid-sized labels. This may also include executive search for CEO and CFO positions (A sample report is available with serious inquiries).

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