Moses Avalon’s Affiliate Program

Moses Avalon's Affiliate Program

Need a lawyer, producer or manager that you can trust?

Here’s a service that makes top industry professionals to come to you.

The Moses Avalon Company interfaces with literally hundreds of top attorneys, producers and managers who are always on the look out for their next important client.

Our Affiliate Programs Make The Industry Come To You

“I feel that top pros bidding on your work is preferable to you trying to knock on their doors and begging to be heard. It sets a more professional atmosphere for the job and takes a lot of the stress and legwork off your shoulders.”

“These affiliate programs have been hugely successful since we began them about two years ago.
I hope you are excited about joining and having your project considered by literally hundreds of industry professionals.”

-Moses Avalon

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How They Work

There are two ways:

Preferred Method
As a “Preferred Applicant” you receive a basic consultation, where your music and package are reviewed and serious thought is put into your situation. You will then receive a half-hour of one-on-one phone time where you can ask anything about the music business to determine exactly what it is you need and help construct your budget. This is a one-on-one consultation that includes a personal introduction to a lawyer, manager or other business professional at no charge. Fee: $250.

This price also includes posting your “job” to the Affiliate Program’s list of top professionals. These are producers, lawyers and mangers with great credits, great attitudes and, most importantly, high ethics. The ones that respond will begin to bid for your business. You are then connected to them directly via phone numbers and/or email.

Nowhere could you get this kind of exposure, plus a one-on-one consultation/mentoring session with a top consultant at a price this low.


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Basic Listing
The $15 Method: You can also skip the personal consultation and opt for a basic listing, as a “General Applicant” in the Affiliate Program. This is only $15. Click here to list your project.


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If you want to meet other great industry pros who are actually making a good living in the music business, you should also seriously consider the Confessions of a Record Producer Workshop. Many top managers, producers and lawyers take this two-day event, where Moses and experienced participants reveal exactly how the record industry really works and how to avoid getting taken advantage of. Read what pros have to say about it.