Confessions From Confessions Workshop Graduates

“Your presentation of the complicated business of music is the most thorough and comprehensive I have ever seen.”
— John Hartman, teacher and manager: Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Jackson Brown, The Eagles

”The Confessions Workshop is most well thought out, articulate, and comprehensive workshop I have ever seen. Every artist, producer, programmer, arranger, musician, engineer and songwriter needs to attend!  Absolutely the best.”
— Rob Chiarelli, Producer/mixer: Will Smith, Aaliyah, Christina Aguilera, Heavy D, Hilary Duff and Ray Charles

“Not one single music business workshop in the last ten years comes at a close second.”
— Dave Paton  Booking Agent: Van Halen , Tom Petty, Twisted Sister, Crabby Appleton

“You know a workshop has been effective when you realize it has changed the way you perceive the world around you. Thanks to Moses I can see more clearly.”
— Aruna, Singer/songwriter for Hillary Duff

“I was never quite able to decode the terms and cash flow of a record deal till I did the Confessions Workshop.”
— Geza X, Producer: Meredith Brooks, Dead Kennedys, Black Flag

“[Confessions] destroyed Don Passman’s or any other lawyer’s version [of the music business].”
— Courtney Love, Artist

“Avalon explains the record business in plain English. I’d recommend this to artists, producers or managers who need to understand music business principles at work.”
— Matt Forger, Recording engineer for Michael Jackson

“The Confessions Workshop is extremely valuable for the lawyer who needs to realize that the royalty rate may be the least important provision in the agreement.”
— Philip K. Lyon lawyer for Kenny Rogers, David Allan Coe, The Nashville Songwriters Association

“I’ve worked with Aerosmith, Jesus Jones and Bobby Brown.   [Avalon’s] book is the only one that I made a class I taught at Northeastern University buy!”
— John Luongo, Producer/engineer, NYC

“As a music lawyer for over 20 years, I am impressed and amazed at the way Moses dissects overly complex, deliberately confusing recording contracts.”
— Cheryl L. Hodgson, Attorney for theKingsmen, Los Angeles, CA

“This Workshop a great wealth of knowledge… even for me after 25 years of dealing with EVERY aspect of this business.”
— Robin Danar, Producer/Engineer