Today starts a new era and a new contract for the United States.

What a day.  What a day.

We all know who the winner was going to be.  But the numbers-the full tilt numbers-tell the real story.  It’s going to be a Blue era.

Forget all the opinion polls of the last four years, skewed and spun for a nation hemorrhaging in so many ways.  This is the only poll that matters.  The People have spoken. “Enough” is the word.  “Get out” is the word.

Today we will wake up in a world with a new kind of President. One who beat the odds and beat the prejudice.

It gives me pause to think what will be possible in the coming years.  No idea will be too crazy or too idealistic.  We will need to be careful, but…

As of tomorrow we once again live in the world of dreams.

Moses Avalon

2 responses to “Winner”

  1. Moses Avalon says:

    I have to confess that I believe presidents are Selected and not
    Elected but having said that I vote anyway…”just in case”.
    Evenso I’m really excited about this election. We have in Obama
    president elect who we really don’t know much about and he’s a
    of colour. A man who came outta nowhere and took the USA by
    It’s almost as if we were brainwashed to accept and elect this
    to the highest office of the land.

    Still, I feel that because so many feel empowered by having Obama
    in office that alone will bring about change. It has to be
    empowering and emotionally overwhelming at the same time for
    parents to look at their children and realize that there are no
    more limitations for them because of the colour of their skin.
    sure somewhere there’s a young black man who will remain in
    because he now knows that he can become anything he wants to be.
    must sayd that I never thought that I’d live long enough to see
    black man as president.

    I do believe that positive forces are at play here and I will
    continue to think positive and send positive thought to Obama. I
    will pray that the love and acceptance he is recieving will
    him to make sound and good decisions for us all.

    For the first time I feel compelled to run out to Home Depot and
    purchase an American flag and let it fly high in my yard. I don’t
    think everything is in our newly elected presidents hands right
    now, the ball is in our court.

  2. Moses Avalon says:

    Hello Moses –

    I’ve never contacted you directly before…but was motivated to do so by
    your right-on-the-button email. For the record,
    I ain’t “Blue” and I ain’t “Red”…but I feel grateful and privileged to
    experience and participate as a citizen in this historic event.
    Hope and idealism were fast fading concepts. We do need to renew our
    embrace of “anything is possible”.

    And, a much overdue kudos to you on your music business communications.
    Very valuable, enlightening….and entertaining as well.

    All the best to you,

    Sam Kaiser
    MVP Entertainment
    DefConOne Management
    Tel: 805-969-7095

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