Five Reasons You Should Be at NAMM in January 2012

Being on my list has be benefits. Due to a special arrangement with NAMM I have a guest list that can get you all access passes for only $25. But you must follow the instructions below and today is the last day.

Moses Avalon
You don’t have to tell me. I’m sure with so many music conferences to choose from NAMM might have made your cut list for this year. Sometimes the 100,000 square foot show can be like a Guitar Center on steroids. But this year is very different.
For less than the cost of a few packs of guitar strings you can have direct access to some of the top movers in the new music business, all in one room, all at once, at your finger tips, all talking about the REAL future of this business, not the hyperboloid crap that you read in blogs all year.
This year NAMM expanded on a pilot program begun last year called, The H.O.T. ZONE, a series of high-end workshops tucked into a private area within the massive NAMM trade show.
And they asked yours truly to put together the panels for one important unit.
The H.O.T. Zone will run for four days all throughout NAMM and while all the panels are amazing, on day three, Saturday, January 21st from 1-4PM my three salons are guaranteed to change your perceptive on this business forever!
“Making a Living in Tomorrow’s Music Business” is the theme. It includes three discussions with highly experienced and often controversial personalities.
Our three panels:

  • Economics of the New “Record “ Industry: Learn who will be livin’ large in ten years and why.
  • The Future Jobs in the Music Space: Navigate your next career move by knowing what beijing jobs don’t even exist yet.
  • The Artist’s New Team: Who will the artist’s support group evolve into within the next five years.

Cost..?If you already have a NAMM pass– $0. And if you don’t, only $25. I mean C’mon! $25 gets you an all access pass to the NAMM trade show floor, exhibits as well as The H.O.T. Zone seminars.


I have to submit my list to The H.O.T. Zone people. If you are not on my mailing list already, go here and in the message section type the word “NAMM.”

Be sure in the “name” field to include the name that matches your photo ID.
Be sure to enter the name that matches your photo ID.
Be sure to enter the name that matches your photo ID.

I print that three times because many have not followed that instruction and will miss out.
You also must do this by NO LATER than December 14th 5PM. TODAY!! 

Do it now! You can always change your mind later, but get on this list today!

Want to see who and what you’ll learn and from who you will be learning? Go to this link.

So… What are my five reasons you should go to NAMM this year:

1) I’ll be there.
2) You get to hear me talk shit
3) I have great panelists that actually will teach something instead of pitching their crap at you.
4) You can buy me a coffee.
5) I’ve hired dancers for between-panel entertainment.

Nuff said?

Mo out

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  1. Robert Czarnowski says:


    still possible????

  2. Ronald Ruther says:

    I wish to go to the NAMM show. I am willing to pay extra fees for late registration. If needed, my phone number is 702-525-0540.

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