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How can I get my music to…
Is now the time to join ASACP, BMI or SESAC
Do I need a major label deal to…
Which label is best for…?
Indie or Major for me?
Is my music ready to shop if…?
Copyright Theft
Somebody stole my song
My song sounds just like…
Somebody sampled my record without asking me
I co wrote with someone and now…
Do I still own my song if..?
Getting Paid
I worked but never got my money from them.
I performed on spec but now it’s a hit.

The band I play with might be getting signed,

what are my rights?

Bogus Paper
Should I sign this?
How can I get out of this?
Do I need a lawyer for this?
Does this sound right to you? (contracts)
Is this standard?
Can I do better on this point?
What does it mean when it says…?
Scams and Shams
I was asked to do this… Should I?
I was offered this… Is it standard?
Does this sound right to you (scams & shams)
To properly copyright my song do I have to…?
To properly copyright my song can’t I just…?
To trademark my band name/logo, I should..?
General copyright questions and urban myths
Legal Stuff
Is it legal to..?
Who got in trouble for this..?
Does this sound right to you? (legal)
Should I trust my lawyer if…?
Do I need a lawyer to..?
Music Recording Tips
What’s the best mike to use
Kitchen Sync issues
To compress or not to compress
To EQ or not to EQ
Recording format choices
Drum Sounds
Keyboard Sounds
Guitar Sounds
Fixing Vocals
Mix tips

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