Recording Contract Analysis – More Info

This service produces a two-part report.

Part A is an overview and analysis of the deal’s merits and drawbacks. This is written in plain English, so your client can read it and thus have a more meaningful participation in the negotiation process. Not only will this save you many hours of explanation (which would probably not be billable), but your client will develop a sense of real appreciation and trust for the education you are providing.

Part B of the report is designed for the attorney. It breaks down the key clauses and makes suggestions based on current industry standards and recent trends pertaining to that label. References to case law and precedents are included when applicable.

Configuration Tables

For an additional fee, the penny rates of the 26 key configurations are included in an easy to readConfiguration Table. This incredibly valuable, time-saving service has attracted producers and artists as well as attorneys. It is very useful as a prelude to an audit, or to help get to the bottom-line question: is this deal worth it.

All services and work products are confidential.

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