Google Bubble

Will Google’s stock price be the key to how much of  our privacy we can hold on to in the Internet age? With the billions of bytes of personal info gathered without regulation or oversite, a question should be asked: what will stop Google from selling their inventory of data  to anyone, should they face a monetary downturn?

Moses Avalon

Here I am, shooting off my mouth again.

If you could not make it to the New Music Seminar in 2012, you missed my controversial speech Google Bubble, wherein I predicted that Google stock will dive bomb to down to $60 a share and then what that event would mean to the public in general and the music space in particular.

Since then Google stock rose briefly to $768 in October of 2012 only to begin it’s steep slide to$687,–an almost 20% loss in less than six months–where it still sits.

You can not see the the Keynote slides I am referencing on the NMS link because they only had one camera and I guess the camera man felt my face was more important than my groovy deck, so I embedded some of the key slides below.

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Viddie well, little brother, Viddie well…




PART 2 (Google has blocked this video already for being too long, so we’ve split it in two).


The slides below were part of the presentation Google Bubble given at The New Music Seminar in June 2012



The same email can have two vastly different interpretations from the point of view of key-word scrubbing.


Popular words used in high ranking places can generate revenue of between $50-$100 per click for Google.


Try to find this article in a Google search.




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10 responses to “Google Bubble”

  1. “Information should be free and it should be shared” sounds like a slogan engineered by Frank Luntz.

  2. JJ says:

    Still got a ways to go. 😉

    $687.82 -$3.21 (-0.46%)
    REAL-TIME: Last trade at 4:00 PM EST on 12/05/12
    52-Week Range $556.52 – $774.38

  3. Disappointed says:

    Hey your not a rock star, how can i know your not bullshitting me, take off your damn sun glass/ shades, i watched 3mins of the video and took it off cause it was totally distracting, unprofessional!

    Your body language in presentation also depicts that your not really interested in being there, seems you had a more important place to be that morning and somebody made you present or else!

    Come on Moses Avalon, i read all your emails and stuff! get your act together, if i didn’t kno better i would say you were hangover!

    • Moses Avalon says:

      Ah, you see you have to watch past the first 3 mins. My body language changes as i do a native rain dance around 11:30 and not only my glasses, but my shirt and socks come off around 18:40.

    • Derek says:

      I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure its “branding”.

      I’d say the video effect that tries to keep him centered, thus warping the world around him (or is he Neo?!) is much more distracting.

      Great presentation sir!

  4. Trudee Lunden says:

    Hi Moses,

    Do you have a timeline for when the bottom will fall out? I do: Jan/Feb 2014. Not just for Google, but the entire stock market & USA gov’t. will be affected. Start saving your acorns!

    Trudee Lunden

  5. Eric Bragg says:

    Thanks, Moses, for the effort to get us this information. I learned a lot from this video.

  6. edwin garcia says:

    Google makes it’s money from it’s ad networks. Ad networks make their money from ad agencies. Ad Agencies make their money from Brands.

    • Moses Avalon says:

      I take it you have not read Google’s annual report where they break out their various revenue streams. It’s publicly available, since they are a public company. Anyone who thinks that Google makes its $56 Billion a year from just ads needs to read that.

  7. Jon Rohr says:

    Trudee Lunden’s prediction seems to have missed the mark…

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