Dispute Resolution Services

Got a problem with someone in the music space?  We can handle it.

Brilliant and creative minds often disagree.  Yet our justice system can be very callous to the types of resolutions that make sense to the music business.

Music Business

Since 2001 The Moses Avalon Company has helped resolve disputes in the music space by offering reasonable solutions in an increasingly complexbusiness environment.  We offer binding and non-binding mediation for those who seek an alternative to the impersonal, expensive and often inappropriate decisions that can be the result of standard litigation.

We offer a one-on-one council face-to-face or via conference call, with an experienced mediator at very reasonable rates, sometimes as low as $300 per dispute.

If you want to have your argument settled by someone who:

— Has over 30 years experience in the music space.

— Is sensitive to the economics of both parties and the value of the issue.

— Knows the law as well as the standards of the industry.

Then send us an inquiry about your situation. We’re happy to help.

We operate primarily in the New York and Los Angeles area.  But aside from Moses Avalon himself, here are some of our mediators that you can meet with in your area.

Profile 1:  Nashville. Top music executive for country music label.

Profile 2:  New York. Founder of several trade groups for indie artists.

Profile 3:  New York. Manger of several top acts and former rock star

Profile 4:  Atlanta. Veteran music lawyer who represents top acts for many years.

Profile 5:  Miami. Top litigator of music disputes for over 20 years.