Turn Music into Money

— Want to learn how the top music pros make money while they sleep?

— Want the Country’s Top Music Business Expert in Your Home for 30 Days?

— Want to get all this for $75?Sure you do.

Give the perfect holiday present – the gift of knowledge.

Now, you know I can’t come to everybody’s recording studio, climb down the chimney with record deals and stay with you for a month.But I can delver the best new ways to make money with music and avoid getting ripped off, for those looking for that perfect gift for their musical loved one.



The Confessions Workshop On-Line contains 11 Lessons on how to turn music into money without losing your soul in the process.

In the On-Line version of the Confessions Workshop you will feel as though you are simultaneously, experiencing the big, animated multi-media presentation along with over a dozen other signed recording artists, platinum producers, seasoned lawyers, and managers.

You will hear their questions, their arguments and personal episodes, all in the comfort of your home and at times of your choosing.

“The Confessions Workshop is the most well thought out, articulate, and comprehensive workshop ever conceived. Every artist, producer, programmer, arranger, musician, engineer and songwriter needs to attend! Absolutely the best.”

–Rob Chiarelli, Producer/mixer of, Will Smith, Aaliyah, Christina Aguilera, Heavy D, Hilary Duff and Ray Charles

This is the SAME live workshop, packed with same inside music biz info I’ve delivered in the live Confessions Workshop at Harvard, Loyola and NYU Law School.

In the On-Line version I have cut the costs considerably and a one-time subscription of only $150 allows INFINITE, REPEATED access to the lessons as MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE for thirty days.

If you order The Confessions Workshop On-Line before December 31st, 2008, I’ll knock off 50%.

You pay only $75!

(Less than a guitar pedal.)

The Confessions Workshop has trained some of the top professionals in the business.

Protect your music.

Protect your rights.

Protect your money.

To get a 50% discount code, email me at mosesavalon1@aol.com

Extra Benefits of On-Line verses Live:

• No travel required. Stay at Home/office.
• You can multi task while learning.

• Sexy and fun-to-use (Mac-like) virtual classroom interface.
• You can watch and review lessons over and over again— whenever you want.
• Extensive Q&A library compiled from years of live workshops.

This Offer Will Not Be Repeated.

After January 1st, The Price Will Double.

To get a 50% discount code, email me at mosesavalon1@aol.com



You’re already in the music space and you don’t think you’ll learn anything at this On-Line Confessions Workshop?

Take a fun & quick Biz Quiz to see or read the powerful testimonials by top industry pros thought they knew it all until they took the Confessions Workshop.



As a lifelong corporate music whore, I can honestly say that most insiders lack the comprehensive overview of the business that the Confessions Workshop offers.

John Brodey, Former Sr. Vice President, Geffen Records/Universal

I thought I knew the basics of the business, but Moses’ workshop had me scratching my head. Now I really know how things work.

Chandler Bridges, mixer, engineer: Jennifer Lopez, Aaliyah, Julio Iglesias, Hilary Duff,  Snoop Dogg.

Avalon explains the record business in plain English. I’d recommend this to artists, producers or managers who need to understand music business principles at work.

Matt Forger, recording engineer for Michael Jackson


You know a workshop has been effective when you realize it has changed the way you perceive the world around you. Thanks to Moses I can see more clearly.

Aruna, Singer/songwriter for Hilary Duff

I was never quite able to decode the terms and cash flow of a record deal till I did the Confessions Workshop.

— Geza X, Producer, Meredith Brooks, Dead Kennedys, Black Flag


Confessions puts you inside the reality of making a living in a business that has very few loyalties and no guarantees.

Steve Addabo producer: Shawn Colvin, Suzanne Vega


I’ve worked with Aerosmith, Jesus Jones and Bobby Brown.   [Avalon’s] book is the only one that I made a class I taught at Northeastern University buy!

John Luongo, Producer/engineer, NYC

Not one single music business workshop in the last ten years comes to a close second.

Dave Paton, Booking Agent: Van Halen , Tom Petty, Twisted Sister, Crabby Appleton

Avalon destroyed any other lawyer’s version [of the music business].

Courtney Love, Recording Artist

See Sample Lessons to get the idea.


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