Did Steve ave to spit in the eye of all his early adopter iPhone customers?

For those who missed all the drama it’s basically this: Apple hypes the iPhone as the greatest thing since sliced bread; making the public believe that it’s worth every bit of the $600 price tag.Then less than two months after hundreds of thousands of people wait in line to buy one, as if they were Stones, tickets, Steve drops the price $200.What a douche bag.

But did he have a choice?I think not.

In the next year several companies will be launching an iPhone-like device for about $100 (with mail-in rebates).It’s the natural Darwinism of technology.But didn’t Steve know this?He’s fond of saying in his recent “explanation” that he’s been in technology for 30+ years and seems to know what’s best for the world’s only cult computer company. So why didn’t he see this one coming?


Well, he did of course that that’s why everyone’s pissed.Who will trust him when he hypes the next big Apple widget?

Think this is no biggie?It is.

Apple’s computer sales have slipped in market share by half a point last year despite selling more computers.That means that even though they are increasing sales, they are not retaining any traction as the computer market grows.iPods have reduced the company to little more than a gadget factory.Nothing wrong with that, but a gadget factory needs one thing to be the best—credibility.

Your entire market is early adaptors who buy the latest widget for b/c we want to be the first to have it.We want the attention at parties and the leverage to negotiate when something goes wrong (Time Warner dreads costumer services calls from me.I subscribe to every imaginable Cable TV up-sell.)

But the one thing you can do to destroy your cred with people like us is to drop your pants too soon.We all know that the price will eventually go down, but TWO MONTHS!!! Jesus, what was Steve thinking?

Well, he’s thinking that the Holidays are coming up and I have the biggest Albatross product in the market; an over-priced phone that everyone renewing their phone plan can get the equivalent of for about $50.Oh yeah, and I didn’t meet my sales projections of 1 million unites by even half.My stock holders are wondering if I’m a total loser because I’ve alienated the biggest record companies in the world.What the F am I gonna do?

Well, pissing off his loyal following was the wrong move. Offering them a $100 credit at an Apple store isn’t going to smooth them over either. I’m no CEO of a publicly traded company, but I’m pretty sure I’m right about this one.It would be as if L Ron Hubbard told millions of Scientologists–who spend thousands on courses–that he was only kidding, but they can still get a $100 credit towards a new lecture tape.

Gambling that the public has a short memory, Steve is hoping that the next time Apple launches a “groundbreaking product,” that we’ll all forget that it’s just Steve’s pathological enthusiasm.

Steve, you need a vacation.

(PS: I have the new LG enV VX9900 (on Verizon).Great deal. Web 2.0, 2.5 mpxl camera, MP3, Video, text, the works. Retail $350.But, $50 with mail-in rebate and a two-year contract.)

Mo Out

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