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The Moses Avalon Confessions of a Record Producer Workshop 
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Hhow can songwriters, side-players, artists and producers protect their rights and their money?

In October of 1998, the book, Confessions of a Record Producer: How To Survive the Scams and Shams of the Music Business hit the streets and the industry has not been the same. For the first time real numbers of what everybody in the music business earns, how artists are ripped off with clever accounting and common methods of copyright fraud were exposed.

Now, Confession’s author, multi platinum record producer, Music Business Consultant and Industry Activist Moses Avalon, speaks live in an in-depth workshop that will leave you feeling empowered.

Learn the Music Business Today Online: From Music Copyright and Royalties to Music Distribution, Promotion and much more !
You Will Learn:
5 tips on how to protect your copyright from theft.
5 ways that record companies and producers hide money.
7 techniques on how to choose the right label/manger or lawyer.
10 points on how to understand what a recording contract really says.
3 new accounting scams the record companies are whipping up.
Extensive Q & A where Moses will answer the questions others dodge.

Plus Tips On:

Is a Publishing Deal Really Worth it?
Meeting the right People who can really help
How to get out of a bad deal
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Two full days of REALITY.

You will be changed.

Day One

The Game, It’s Players and The Playing FieldThe Real Payers: What They Make and Who’s Really Paying Them

· What are the specific roles of people who call themselves: A&R, managers, producers, lawyers, recording engineers, songwriters and artists and how such careers evolve.

· The specific roles and real agendas of the various industry support companies like: the RIAA, ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, The AFofM, and Harry Fox.

Going Global – The Big Picture When you Sign who Really Owns You

· Understanding Major Label and Indi Distribution

· Who actually owns your label and how do you fit into their master plan

· Understanding the difference between signing with a production company verses record companies, distributors and publishers.

· The different types of deals that exist between the artist and producer.

The Myths Of Copyright Protection or “Hey, They Stole My Song”

· What a Copyright Really Means

· How songwriters make money.

· How the law treats odd situations like, who is the writer of the melody in a rap record.

· How songs get stolen and how the law protects thieves.

· How artists who write their own material fair as opposed to artists who perform cover material.

The Major Label Deal From The Artist’s Point of View

· How producer’s hide money in their budgets

· Recoupable Financing

· The Big Deal Real Deal numbers

· Cross-Collateralization: accounting scams where the label skims your money.

· Selling your songs to publishers and how they pay.

· Marketing Success & A&R

· The Deal Memo – what A label promises verses what they deliver

· How Retail Sales Really Works

· How Records are supposed to get to the store and why they often don’t.

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Double Dips and Loopholes. Learning to snoop out lies in your contract· The meaning of “sales” in Big Five Deal· Free Goods: To whom are they really “free”?

Million Dollar Advances andhow they are actually paid

How Royalties are Really Calculated

· Configuration Scams

· Reserves Scams

Songwriting on a Major Label

· The Statuary Rate really means.

· Controlled compositions clauses and how they can hurt you

Getting The Help You Need

· The Birth of the New Indi

· Comprehending a working meaning of “Independent label.”

· Know how and why new labels are created and fold everyday.

· How the Internet will change everything, and the new scams that will come with it

· How to find the right person to sell your music and protect your rights.

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