Music Business Secrets Revealed in 2 Hour Interview

I wanted to share this interview I did for Award Winning Producer Frankie Biggz. He reached out to me to come on his show and share some of the secrets of the music business…

We covered a lot of territory in that 2 HOUR interview including:

– How much to pay a producer?
– How to avoid sleazy characters in the music space?
– How will cloud services (music lockers) effect the music business?
– How to get out of 360 deal?
– and a whole lot more…

While it does jump around a lot, I think there is some great info in there which you might enjoy. The viewers had some great questions and it was nice to see where peoples heads are at. So… Sit back with some popcorn and enjoy the show.


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Here are some links to my materials I mention or refer to in the interview (Listed in Order as they were mentioned on the show) plus a couple additions for deeper study:

Producers (What should they be paid)
– My First Book: Confessions of a Record Producer
How has the internet helped/hurt the music industry
SF MusicTech vs NARM Music Conference
Taxi or Indie A&R Services: good for growth or bad for business?
19 Music Conferences Ranked: Worth the Cost or Waste of Time?
How Will Cloud Services (Online Music Lockers) Change The Music Industry?
New Law Making Many P2P Services Illegal
Artist Advocacy Services
How long will CD’s be around?
Do People Prefer CD’s or Download Singles?
Old Digital Distributor Chart
My New Digital Distribution Survey (Please Participate)
1000 True Fans Theory
How to Collect Foreign Radio Income
Nielsen Sales Info: Is it Accurate or is it an Outdated System?
– My Newest Book: 100 Answers to 50 Questions on the Music Business
Learn The Secrets the Insiders Don’t Want You To Know: The Confessions Workshop

2 responses to “Music Business Secrets Revealed in 2 Hour Interview”

  1. Fantastic stuff, would prefer more structure and better audio – but really appreciate off the cuff content and people revelaing insider knowledge

    Thanks guys!

  2. Neel Daniel says:

    Good info here. The cloud services and 360 info was good to hear. Keep stuff like this coming, don’t put out the torch.

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