Music Biz Bailout?

Once again our beloved government has drawn the line in odd places.  No bailout for the US auto makers will mean a loss of many jobs and eventually homes.  While banks, and other major US industries are asking for hand outs, the music biz is going strong.

Think sales from Black Friday are bad?  Don’t believe the hype. This video will tell you how to turn negative music biz zeitgeist info into the truth about what’s really going on.

We don’t need Uncle Sam’s money in our tip jar.


Mo out


4 responses to “Music Biz Bailout?”

  1. Michelle says:

    Very interesting!

  2. Sammy-J says:

    Well, two years on and the music business still seems to be going strong. I wonder where it’s going in two years time?

  3. Not only is it going strong two years later…it seems to be getting stronger!

  4. Peni Gardner says:

    According to some of the music industries big head they are losing big money because of piracy so how come that you said that they are growing strong?

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