Moses on CNN Wednesday Morning


My big mouth is at it again, but you’ll need TiVo to see this one.CNN asked me to be their resident “Music Business Expert” for a segment on Wednesday, December 3rd. I’ll be on CNN’s “American Morning.”It’s on at 6AM-9AM Eastern Standard Time. (That’s 3AM to 6AM for us West Coast folk.)

This interview on the state of the US Music Business is being used as pre-roll for the release of the Grammy nominations.

I’m the guy with the dark sunglasses talking about how things are not as bad as everyone thinks and that most of the conventional wisdom about the music business is a lie perpetrated by the tech-biased media.I don’t know what they’ll use from the half-hour interview but I said some hair-raising out-of-the-box comments.I’m curious to see which of my sound bytes will suit the CNN agenda.

Tune in.


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  1. Eric Bragg says:

    Well, apparently, not very much! If you guy chatted for half an hour, then we viewers got ripped off! What WAS the length of that – all of 5 minutes?

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