The Moses Avalon Tweet Me Silly Giveaway

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Win a $500 consultation & lunch with Moses Avalon for a ReTweet!


Congratulations to @justinlassen, @AvonleaMontague, and @Attorney_EGK for each winning a $500 music business consultation!

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Our first Tweet-a-thon was so successful that we’re doing it again.. but this time bigger and better!

Last time we gave away over $900 in prizes and three lucky followers (see below) got to have lunch on me and a detailed professional consultation.  This time we’re giving away $1500 in prizes and making it even easier to win.

Here is how to win:

1. Follow @MosesAvalon and Tweet this message to enter the drawing: (copy and paste or just click the link)

Yo, I’m trying to win a free consultation with @MosesAvalon. Please RT to help me win!

2. ReTweet Me over and over to increase your chances! One ReTweet could win you one of three $500 grand prizes. But two ReTweets doubles your chances, three triples, and so forth, and so forth. That’s right. Every time you ReTweet one of my posts (any of my posts) another ticket with your name gets thrown into the virtual hat for the drawing. (Three times a day max.)

But wait, there’s more!

We do these tweet-a-thons to increase followers.  So if someone who follows you, ReTweets your ReTweet, and follows @MosesAvalon, it will earn YOU 10 extra tickets * in the drawing.

And even more!

If one of your ReTweeting followers gets someone who is following them to ReTweet and follow @MosesAvalon, it automatically earns you 50 tickets* !

You can see where this is going. We want followers and we’re willing to pay you to help us reach the people who think you’re cool. The bigger of an influencer you are the more chances you have to win.

Act now and we’ll include… (sorry, I got carried away)

Drawing will be held on July 8th 2011 @ 12pm (PST) and winners announced on Twitter. That gives you a whole month to build up your virtual tickets. Well… what are you waiting for? Get Started!

Here are last time’s winners. Follow them and see what they have to say about our meeting. (Click their images or user names to visit their twitter page)

@kronis @kronis @jbeckl @jbeckl @maxvasquez @maxvasquez

Restrictions and Q&A:

  • Can I win if I won something last time?  YES!!!
  • How will you know how many of my followers re-tweeted to their followers?  We know, because their tweet tells us! (RT: @YourName RT: @MosesAvalon Blah Blah Blah…)
  • Do I have to keep following you after the contest?  No, but hopefully you will dig what we have to say enough to stick around.
  • What stops me from RT you 100 times a day—thus juicing the odds?  Nothing… but we will only count the first three RT of each 24 hour period.  So, if you’re RT me that many times it better be for a legitimate reason. If we get complaints you’ll be eliminated.
  • Three-a-day is the magic number according to our research. That’s why we reward you for getting your followers to follow/re-tweet me.  It’s legit.
  • *Bonus Tickets for ReTweets (10 tix & 50 tix) limited to 1 per unique ReTweeter