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These are the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t see yours, email me, by clicking HERE.

Why should I come to this if I’m already signed and making money?

Well, now that you’ve got a piece of the pie I would think you want to hang on to it. Record companies are in the business of finessing you out of cash. Learn their strategies so you don’t end up broke in five years. Maybe meet a lawyer that really cares about music, not billable hours, find a manager that is willing to admit that he still has something to learn about how to protect his client’s assets. Meet others that are in your same situation and share experiences and solutions.

Why should I come if I’m a label person or lawyer and you think I’m the enemy?

I don’t think you’re the enemy. You’ve just been taught to do things in an outdated way. If nothing else you will walk away inspired with a better method for you to succeed. Also, you will meet other artists who are taking a serious interest in understanding the problems of the business and still want to play the game. These are the best new artists to sign.

I can only go for one day, which should it be?

Both days are going to have information you will not find anywhere else. Day one will focus on the agendas (both hidden and otherwise) of the people in the industry. Who you can trust and how far you can throw them, and how to meet the right people. We’re expecting a mix of everyone from label people to side-players. Day two gets into the pros and cons of the major label deal and its alternatives for independent artists and their representation. This day will likely attract professionals already making a living in the industry, managers, lawyers, artists with deals, etc.

How many folks will be there?

Our budget allows only up to 100 people per day. So sign up fast!

Can I pay by Check?

prefer credit cards, but yep, you can send a
check,  or money order, or 
Make them out to Moses Avalon LLC and send it

Moses Avalon LLC
1864 N. Vermont Ave.
LA CA 90027.

Make sure to mark the memo section of the check for which day you will be attending or “both days,” if you are attending both. Do it fast, especially if your check is not a California check. All entries are processed in order of clearance and there is limited seating.

Cancellation policy: What if I get sick or I’m too lame to show up?

If you cancel prior to 20 calendar days of the seminar you get back everything except $35. If you cancel within twenty calendar days you get back half of what you paid. If you cancel within 10 days of the workshop you forfeit your

What do I need to bring?

Legal pad, pens, a calculator and your business card. You don’t NEED the calculator, but I think you’ll get the most out of the workshop portion if you can participate. Plus there will be giveaways for correct answers to math related questions.

Wait, this sounds complex. Would I understand this stuff if I’m only, like, a singer?

Yes. I know, this stuff is complex, but the truth is that certain industry sleazebags make it more complex than it needs to be. I make it simple and fun. When you leave you will understand as much about the biz as many managers or lawyers.

Should I bring my demo?

We will not be listening to demos during the seminar or workshop and nothing is more aggravating for an exec than meeting the right artist at a seminar and then he makes you carry his CD around for the rest of the day. Bring it but don’t hawk it.

Can I bring a tape recorder or video device?

I recognize that some of you hate taking notes and would like to be able to refer to a tape. But there are too many complex issues with copyrights and the sensitive nature of this information. Therefore, we have a strict no taping policy that will be enforced with tight security. However tapes of the seminar will be made available in the future on

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