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In September 2000, Mr. Avalon formed a corporation to accommodate his many readers’ requests for assistance with their careers. Since then the reputation of the Company and its client base have grown exponentially, now attracting those working in high-profile areas of the music business.

A watershed day for the Company came in 2001 when the Senate Judiciary Sub-Committee on Record Industry Accounting Practices requested Mr. Avalon’s counsel and has included his commentary in its published report. Other consultation clients have included multi-platinum artists (and/or parties contracting business with these artists). Client List

Today services of The Moses Avalon Company are utilized by over 200 artists, musical directors, songwriters, lawyers, producers, managers and labels. The company also performs many non-profit  artist rights advocacy efforts. These are financed by donations and by a skim of 10% of all income earned from consulting on such matters as; contract analysis for music production, label, publishing and management deals; dispute resolution; expert-witness testimony, referrals, plus a host of other music business-related services.

In June 2002 Moses Avalon debuted the Confessions of a Record Producer Workshops in Los Angeles. This very popular Workshop was recognized by the California State Bar (as well as several other State Bar Associations) and currently awards 13.5 Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits to attending attorneys as well 4 Ethics Credits. It is the first and to date, the only ongoing music business workshop to offer CLE credits to practicing attorneys. The Workshop in whole or part has been delivered in such places as NYU Law School, Harvard Law, UCLA Extension and other international locations.

In the coming years The Moses Avalon Company intends to expand its efforts in music business education and continue to fight for the rights of music creators across the globe.

Moses Avalon.com 

Mosesavalon.com is an award-winning online resource for both musicians and music lawyers. Created with the same candor and cool edginess of Avalon’s top-selling insiders’ reference guide, Confessions of a Record Producer: How to Survive the Scams and Shams of the Music Business, the site is the first of its kind. It offers a blend of unique resources for veterans and emerging music business professionals and artists. It also provides a safe-haven where industry pros can candidly post concerns about the latest danger zones in the music industry.

One example is the site’s compelling attraction, the “Moses Avalon Royalty Calculator” (MARC), an interactive application. The MARC applies the same formulas used by major label accountants. With a few simple clicks it instantly determines how much–or how little–an artist will likely earn via any contract (for Demonstration only: not for professional use).

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Moses Avalon is currently a top-selling author of music business books and educational tools in the US music industry. He is also an artists’ rights activist.

Mr. Avalon began his career by producing and engineering records for several major and independent labels. His combined work with Grammy® award-winning recording artists has earned him several RIAA Platinum record awards. His soundtrack compositions have been used in films that went on to win outstanding achievement awards at Cannes, The New York Expo and WorldFest.

In 1997 Mr. Avalon noticed that all the “how-to” books on the music industry were written by attorneys and were not accessible to musicians. He took the opposite approach.

His first book, Confessions of a Record Producer: How To Survive the Scams and Shams of the Music Business, released in September 1998, is currently part of the music business curriculum in over 40 schools. (Including: UCLA, Loyola Law School and NYU).

Mr. Avalon has subsequently released two follow up books, Secrets of a Negotiating a Record Contract: The Musician’s Guide to Understanding and Avoiding Sneaky Lawyer Tricks and Million Dollar Mistakes: How to Avoid the Landmines of the Music Business.

Mr. Avalon was the first non-attorney to lecture on the ins and outs of recording contracts at the Chicago Bar, and both the Los Angeles and Florida Continuing Legal Education (CLE) groups. He has been a featured guest in over 50 national radio interviews and his newsletter, Moses Supposes, which presents informed and humorous editorials on the inner workings of the music business, reaches over 12,000 subscribers–and, through syndication (see list below), over 100,000 readers.

He is an active lecturer around the world, CEO of The Moses Avalon Company and writes books about the music industry, as well as other topics. Million Dollar Mistakes, his latest book on music business empowerment, was released in 2006.

Read about The Moses Avalon Company’s advocacy efforts.

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Use of Moses Avalon Services is always confidential. Many people consider these services a “secret weapon” of sorts and do not wish to advertise their use of our company. The names below represent only a small fraction of our clients and/or parties to client negotiations who have not objected to publication of their names in association with our services. The listing of these names does not in any way imply an endorsement of Moses Avalon Services by these parties.

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About Records
Bob Dylan
Dixie Chicks
Elliot Randall
Jonathan Taplin
Katrenya English
Britney Spears
Courtney Love
Music Producers International
Preeta Carlson
RipTide Music
Seth Glassman Productions
The Matches

Management and Law Firms

Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Blecher & Collins, P.C.
Johnson & Rishwain
Doman Davis LLC
Miles Hurwitz – MH Management
Monster Management
BackStage Law/Cheryl Hodgson
Lapolt Law Group
The Firm

Institutions and Other

American Federation of Musicians (National and Local 47)
California State Polytechnic University
Annenberg School For Communication
San Francisco State University
Musician’s Institute
KPFK (Radio Los Angeles)
NoLo Books
New Jersey’s Office of the Attorney General
California’s Senate Judiciary Sub-Committee
on Record Industry Accounting Practices


ALARM Magazine
ASCAP Resource Guide
Backbeat Books
Boston Audio Society
Center for Education
CMP Media
Digital Musician.net
Jazz News
Kensei News
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Music & Technology.com
Music Biz Academy, The
Music Boot Camp
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