I got a flame mail from a prominent industry consultant whose initials are Jim Griffin, about how my article last week was dissing the compulsory license and “misleading” my readers by cautioning them against

Jim is a pretty smart guy, so I gave it some thought.

Let me be clear. I’m NOT necessarily against compulsory ISP licenses.What I’m against is people making bad, one sided arguments, and worse yet, covert forces trying to persuade us towards one side or another with those arguments.

I’m against this even if the covert forces are on MY SIDE of the argument.

Democracy functions best with open in my opinion is not really an open discussion because it selectively doesn’t factor in a lot of relevant data and because you can’t fully adjust the controls to an unbiased point.

That’s all.

So, for to those that think I have something personal against Brian Calhoun or Leron Rogers or Sound Exchange or even the CIA for that matter.I do not.I think they are all well intentioned.

But sometimes intentions can pave a road to you-know-where.

I’m just trying to keep facts in evidence, not agendas.

Thanks for keeping me on point, Jim.

In case you missed that article, go here.

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