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At last, a book for the pro that is easy to use and gets actual results.

Advanced Recording Contract Negotiations takes combined techniques from
top representatives in the record business and creates a precise technology
for negotiating recording contracts. Using a hierarchy of deals points,
strategies for protecting assets are specifically outlined for numerous
scenarios, including: first time artist, songwriter, established artist,
and public personality making a record as an adjunct to other endeavors.
First Edition Features:
Deal memo anatomy and analysis. Know where to look for loopholes before the actual contract hits your desk.
Complete charts for royalty calculations. Estimate any configuration of record, down to the penny.
Techniques to covertly tweak the deal points in the artist’s favor.
Cross-referencing to other major texts, including: This Business of Music, All you Need to Know About the Music Business and others.
Tools for identifying who is a quality attorney or artist/client.
Abridged Glossary of LabelSpeak™ (the language of major label recording contracts).
Removable sections compiled in a study binder that will sit comfortably with your other reference books.
First edition owners are automatically eligible to receive periodic updates and access to information about record deals that you cannot find anywhere else.

“This is by far my most comprehensive tool. If you are a pro and this book saves you even one hour of time, or a half-point advantage in your next deal, it has already justified its cost.”
–Moses Avalon

October 15, 2001. Limited supply. Allow four weeks for delivery

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