Apparently, according to CNN, there is nothing else going on the in world except the MJ “conspiracy.”

Let me give you the straight dope.

There is no real crime here, unless you live in California.Use of the word “murder” is only applicable in MJs case due to California’s overreaching definition.In most other states Jackson’s doctor’s action might be labeled “Negligent Homicide.”

Only in California do we spend about $1,500,000 to prosecute these cases as “murder” and threaten to send people away for 15 to life.

Incidentally, this is why California has the one of the highest “murder rates” in the country (and why we’re broke.) We define Murder as basically any time someone dies and someone else had something to do with it; which includes assisted suicides, bar fights, O.D.s at parties, and a whole bunch of stuff that other (poorer) states don’t bother to treat as Major Crimes.

So, go about your business and forget the MJ “murder.”It’s not the Lindbergh Baby case.Michael took pills to chill out and O.D.ed.That’s it.

Doctors do not profit from the death of their richest patient.It’s illogical.

Latoya (and indeed several others) is using her brother’s death as way to salvage attention and the DA’s office needs a high-profile case to lose again. It’s a match made in media heaven.

LA County hasn’t any sexy, high-profile trials since Robert Blake (which they lost) and apparently they love to prosecute cases they have little chance of winning, like Spector (1st trial), Blake, OJ, both of MJ’s child-molestation cases, Reginald Denny/Rodney King and many, many other dogs that make great headlines, lead to six-figure book deals and TV exposure, but ultimately, like Chinese food, leave us feeling hungry for real Justice.

It’s sad, but predictable.

Can we move on now?Please?

Mo out…

3 responses to “ENOUGH MICHAEL”

  1. rift plat says:

    This blog is so excellent.

  2. Debbie Smith says:

    I think MJ’s conspiracy was made for the sake of popularity. I am not saying that there is no possibility that it is true. Perhaps there are true aspects in the whole conspiracy but not all. There is a big chance that those people who are close to MJ wanted to be talked about or perhaps they wanted to become popular as well. Actually, the main point is that, a conspiracy should be proven true before you will completely believe on it.

  3. Kent says:

    I definitely agree with you. Another reason they are prosecuting is because MJ was a high-profile person. If that doctor had “accidentally” killed a completely unknown person, it probably would be considered negligent homicide. Just look at the case now, 2 years later and still running.

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