The Confessions of Confessions of a Record Producer Readers

Confessions of Confessions' Readers
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Commentsfrom the music industry
“Confessions puts you inside the reality of making a living in a business that has very
few loyalties and no guarantees.”
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Steve Addabbo,
Producer of Shawn Colvin and Suzanne Vega
“Thanks for having the “guts” to say the things that should have been said a long
time ago.”
Stephany Davis President,
Tennessee Country Music Association
“There is the Bible, The Koran, The Torah and some other sacred texts and then
there is Confessions of A Record Producer. Wow.”
New York Producer
“Avalon delivers a trouble shooting manual for before trouble starts.”
Scot Putaski (a.k.a. Daisy Berkowitz),
co-writer/founder of Marilyn Manson
“I’ve worked with Aerosmith, Jesus Jones and Bobby Brown. I think your book is great and is the only one that I made a class I just taught at Northeastern University in Boston buy! You’ve done the music business and the kids a great service of enlightenment and in so doing empowerment.”
John Luongo, Producer/engineer, NYC
“I just finished the first 123 Pages in 1 sitting. Couldn’t put it down. You have enabled me to make better decisions, a better career plan and will save me from many mistakes made by the less informed.”
M.S. recording artist/studio musician
“Briefly, I want to state that this is a fantastic book, and is exactly what you stated in your introduction: a primer on the music industry written in a language completely understandable to the ordinary musician or performer… Congratulations on an extremely useful and enjoyable text.”
Matt Merta, Detroit Book Reviewer
“I’ve been producing records in Nashvegas for the past 15+ years, I think your book is the Rossetta Stone to the Music Business. It should be adopted by all the so called recording programs that are being used as magnet majors at various institutions of higher learning across the country.”
R. S. F, Nashville Producer
“By far this is the best $ 30.00 (Can). I’ve ever spent in music. I have been in the music bizz for over 8 years professionally, with some of my songs landing with artists with major record deals… In your book I have seen first hand many of the situations you have described, being on the short end of a couple myself. CONGRADS !! Awesome book!!.”
BT, songwriter, Québec City , Canada
“I just wanted to let you know what a Godsend your book has been for me. I have a shelf full of books that are either artist biographies or music business books written by lawyers.. Thank you for having the courage to write a book with so many industry secrets.”
Chris, Engineer, Chicago
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“I picked up a copy of ‘ Confessions of a Record Producer ‘ and ….well…it f–kin rocks!!”
W.J, New York Rocker
“The way I ultimately judge a book about the biz is how I feel after I’ve finished it… Your book I [will keep] on my “immediate referral” list. Thanks for writing it!”

New York Rocker
“GREAT BOOK! I first heard your interview on public radio. I went out the next day and bought “Confessions of a Record Producer”. Thanks for writing a book that so clearly explains the how and why of the complicated music industry.”

Carl, Country Singer /Songwriter
“…destroyed Don Passman’s or any other lawyers version.”
RK, Johannesburg via London via Vancouver
“The sections on baby record deals and vanity labels were extremely helpful… You have provided me and my business partners a wealth of information.”

MP, Nashville label owner
“Your book was easy to comprehend because you put personality in it… it was too complicated for me to read the other books because they were too square about the information” [sic]
Ronnie, Brooklyn hip-hip producer

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“Confessions is a must read for anyone seriously looking for a record deal. Not reading what [it] has to say is like not believing your sound man when he tells you you’re not plugged in all the way.”
Theresa P., getsigned .com
“A good reference tool for the up and coming talented artist who has passion and determination for his art, “Confession of A Record Producer” is well worth the $17.95 retail price.”
Barry Rudolph, Editor, Music Connection Magazine
“This uncovers some startling realities about the music business.”
The Music Shelf
“A must read….Unlike books that explain industry workings in theory, Confessions is firmly rooted in reality….Useful as a trade guide and fascinating…can be enjoyed by anyone wanting to roll the dice on a career in music, as well as future industry weasels looking for some helpful grifter tips.”
“At least one member of every band should pick up [Confessions]… For less than the price of a cheap distortion pedal one can learn a hell of a lot more about the music business.”
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